IPL 2023 Schedule, Team List, Venue, Live Streaming, Team Captain

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IPL 2023 Schedule, IPL team list, IPL schedule and venue, IPL Live streaming, IPL team captains

What is IPL?

IPL stands for Indian Premier League. It is a professional twenty 20 cricket league in the country. IPL is owned and operated by BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India). In 2023, IPL will start on 31st March and it will continue till 28th May. 

IPL 2023 Is being played in the home country after a gap of 3 years due to covid pandemic. 

IPL 2023 Schedule, Team List, Venue, Live Streaming, Team Captain
IPL 2023 Schedule, Team List, Venue, Live Streaming, Team Captain

IPL 2023 team list

There is a total of 10 teams that have been split into two groups: group A and group B.

Group AGroup B
Mumbai Indians (MI)Chennai Super Kings (CSK)
Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)Sunrisers Hyderabad (SH)
Rajasthan Royals (RR)Gujarat Titans (GT)
Delhi Capitals (DC)Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)
Lucknow Super Giants (LSG)Punjab Kings (PK)
IPL team list

IPL schedule and venue

The schedule of matches is as follows:

131-Mar-20237:30 PMGT vs CSKAhmedabad
201-Apr-20233:30 PMPK vs KKRMohali
301-Apr-20237:30 PMLSG vs DCLucknow
402-Apr-20233:30 PMSH vs RRHyderabad
502-Apr-20237:30 PMRCB vs MIBengaluru
603-Apr-20237:30 PMCSK vs LSG Chennai
704-Apr-20237:30 PMDC vs GTDelhi
805-Apr-20237:30 PMRR vs PKGuwahati
906-Apr-20237:30 PMKKR vs RCBKolkata
1007-Apr-20237:30 PMLSG vs SHLucknow
1108-Apr-20233:30 PMRR vs DCGuwahati
1208-Apr-20237:30 PMMI vs CSKMumbai
1309-Apr-20233:30 PMGT vs KKRAhmedabad
1409-Apr-20237:30 PMSH vs PKHyderabad
1510-Apr-20237:30 PMRCB vs LSGBengaluru
1611-Apr-20237:30 PMDC vs MIDelhi
1712-Apr-20237:30 PMCSK vs RRChennai
1813-Apr-20237:30 PMPK vs GTMohali
1914-Apr-20237:30 PMKKR vs SHKolkata
2015-Apr-20233:30 PMRCB vs DCBengaluru
2115-Apr-20237:30 PMLSG vs PBLucknow
2216-Apr-20233:30 PMMI vs KKRMumbai
2316-Apr-20237:30 PMGT vs RRAhmedabad
2417-Apr-20237:30 PMRCB vs CSKBengaluru
2518-Apr-20237:30 PMSH vs MIHyderabad
2619-Apr-20237:30 PMRR vs LSGJaipur
2720-Apr-20233:30 PMPK vs RCBMohali
2820-Apr-20237:30 PMDC vs KKRDelhi
2921-Apr-20237:30 PMCSK vs SHChennai
3022-Apr-20233:30 PMLSG vs GTLucknow
3122-Apr-20237:30 PMMI vs PKMumbai
3223-Apr-20233:30 PMRCB vs RRBengaluru
3323-Apr-20237:30 PMKKR vs CSKKolkata
3424-Apr-20237:30 PMSH vs DCHyderabad
3525-Apr-20237:30 PMGT vs MIAhmedabad
3626-Apr-20237:30 PMRCB vs KKRBengaluru
3727-Apr-20237:30 PMRR vs CSKJaipur
3828-Apr-20237:30 PMPK vs LSGMohali
3929-Apr-20233:30 PMKKR vs GTKolkata
4029-Apr-20237:30 PMDC vs SHDelhi
4130-Apr-20233:30 PMCSK vs PKChennai
4230-Apr-20237:30 PMMI vs RRMumbai
4301-May-2302 7:30 PMLSG vs RCBLucknow
4402-May-20237:30 PMGT vs DCAhmedabad
4503-May-20237:30 PMPK vs MIMohali
4604-May-20233:30 PMLSG vs CSKLucknow
4704-May-20237:30 PMSH vs KKRHyderabad
4805-May-20237:30 PMRR vs GTJaipur
4906-May-20233:30 PMCSK vs MIChennai
5006-May-20237:30 PMRCB vs DCDelhi
5107-May-20233:30 PMLSG vs GTAhmedabad
5207-May-20237:30 PMRR vs SHJaipur
5308-May-20237:30 PMKKR vs PKKolkata
5409-May-20237:30 PMRCB vs MIMumbai
5510-May-20237:30 PMDC vs CSKChennai
5611-May-20237:30 PMKKR vs RRKolkata
5712-May-20237:30 PMGT vs MIMumbai
5813-May-20233:30 PMSH vs LSGHyderabad
5913-May-20237:30 PMDC vs PKDelhi
6014-May-20237:30 PMRR vs RCBJaipur
6114-May-20233:30 PMCSK vs KKRChennai
6215-May-20237:30 PMGT vs SHAhmedabad
6316-May-20237:30 PMMI vs LSGLucknow
6417-May-20237:30 PMDC vs PK Dharamshala
6518-May-20237:30 PMSH vs RCBHyderabad
6619-May-20237:30 PMPK vs RRDharamshala
6720-May-20233:30 PMDC vs CSKDelhi
6820-May-20237:30 PMKKR vs LSGKolkata
6921-May-20233:30 PMMI vs SHMumbai
7021-May-20237:30 PMRCB vs GTBengaluru
7428-May-2023 (Sunday)7:30 PMFINALTBD

IPL Live streaming

IPL will be live-streamed on Star Sports and Viacom 18. Apart from this, viewers can also watch matches through the JioCinema platform. 

IPL team captains

The team captains of IPL 2023 are as follows:

TeamCaptain Name
RRSanju Samson
CSKMahendra Singh Dhoni
MIRohit Sharma
PKMayank Agrawal
DCRishabh Pant
KKRShreyas Iyer
RCBFaf Du Plassis
SRHKane Williamson
GTHardik Pandya

Frequently asked questions

When did IPL 2023 start?

IPL 2023 will start on 31st March 2023. 

Who is the no 1 team in IPL?

Based on past performance, Mumbai Indians is the no 1 team in IPL. 

Who is the no 1 captain in IPL?

MS Dhoni of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is the no 1 captain in IPL.

Who is the RCB captain in 2023?

Faf Du Plessis is the RCB captain in 2023. 

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