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Israel Vs. Palestine Conflict 2023

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Israel Palestinian conflict is an ongoing political conflict that started in mid 20th century. Several efforts have been made to develop peace among the countries. Several reasons provoked war between the two countries ranging from public declaration to provide a homeland to Jews, growing tensions between Arabs and Jews during World War 1, and so on. The current tensions between the two countries are due to the occupation by the Israeli military of the West Bank in Gaza in 1967. 

Israel Palestinian conflict

Hamas has been holding more than 100 people captive in Gaza. 

On 7th October, thousands of rockets were fired by Hamas at Israel, and at the same time, several fighters breached the borders and invaded Israeli communities. 

According to the UN, more than 123000 people have been displaced in the Gaza Strip after relentless pounding by Israel. 

The number of people who died due to the war is more than 1100, of which 700 in Israel and 400 in Gaza, and thousands have been wounded on both sides 

After a wave of rockets launched by the Palestinian militant group Hamas, 10 Nepali students have died and four others are critically injured.

The Israeli forces have been fighting Hamas militants in 7 to 8 breach points. The hospitals in Gaza have been filled with injured people.

The flights from Egypt have been suspended to Israel due to ongoing fighting among the countries.

According to BBC News, more than 493 people have died in Israel. 

An Israeli airstrike in Rafah city in Gaza killed 19 members of the same family. 

As per the Israeli military, more than 800 military targets were destroyed in Gaza as a part of the bombing campaign.

Regular gun battles have been taking place between Israeli forces and Hamas fighters. Near Sderot city, Israeli troops also took the place of fire between Hamas and Israel. 

Israel has been planning to attack Gaza in the next few days, as per the Washington Post. Israel also demanded intelligence sharing from the US about its northern borders with Lebanon. Egyptian officials instructed Israel not to launch a ground assault on the Gaza Strip. A strike will trigger a military response from Egypt.

President of Israel, Isaac Herzog, vows on 8th October for victory against Hamas. 

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