Can ChatGPT Predict The Future? – 6 Amazing Questions About Future

Question 1. How much will be world population in 2030? the world’s population in 2030 is estimated to be 8.5 billion.

Question 2. How much will be the literacy rate in 2030? the literacy rate will be 90% by 2030.

Question 3. Will there be more online jobs in 2030? technological advancements and online platforms will encourage work-from-home or online jobs.

Question 4. What will be the weather conditions in 2030? Several factors play an important role like deforestation, the burning of fossil fuels, etc.

Question 5. Will there be any new variants of covid in the future?  The response presented to this query was positive.

Question 6. Can I earn more money in 2030?  the potential earning for the coming few years depends on factors like my education, skills, experience, career path, etc.

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