7 Ravana of modern days | आज के युग के 7 रावण

7 Ravana of modern age, Dussehra, Lord Rama, Ravana Dussehra is the festival of victory of lord Rama over Ravana. It is a major Hindu festival celebrated at the end of Navratri. The festival marks the victory of goodness over the evil deeds. Lord Rama defeated 10 headed Ravana who abducted lord Sita, lord Rama’s … Read more

How this ingredient at your home can help you to get rid of stress?

Stress, stress relieve, tension, anxiety, frustration, stress symptoms Stress is a feeling of physical or emotional tension which results in frustration, nervousness, anger, and anxiety.  You must have experienced stressful situations in your personal and professional life. It originate from small incidents resulting in numerous stressful episodes. It is difficult to get rid of the … Read more

10 Things To Manage Your Finances Before You Turn 30

10 Things To Manage Your Finances Before You Turn 30 Financial freedom is desired by every youngster. It doesn’t mean leading a lazy life after gathering a significant amount of money but having financial security even if there is a temporary wart to few of the income sources. The recent covid-19 pandemic was a major … Read more

10 amazing quotes of Mother Teresa to share on her birthday

Mother Teresa, birthday, religion, born, death, age at death, quotes, Nobel peace prize winner Mother Teresa, also known by the name Saint Teresa of Calcutta, was a Catholic nun. She was born on 26th August 1910 in North Macedonia. She had no children. She was famous for dedicating her life to caring for the destitute … Read more