Best Speech To Text AI
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Best Speech To Text AI

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Speech to text AI has proved to be the most transformative technology in the current era of artificial intelligence. Speech to text AI helps to bridge the gap between spoken words and written text. This technology has immense significance because it offers multiple applications for assistance among several industries. In this article, we will discuss a few of the speech to text AI tool that have been quite helpful to the users. Before proceeding further, let us understand the meaning of speech to text. 

speech to text AI

Speech to text

Speech to text means real-time transcription of an audio in the written text. This is also called as computer speech recognition. In simple words, speech to text means listening to the verbal audio recordings and then creating the written script. The accuracy of the written transcription is around 95%.

The two types of speech to text are speaker-dependent and speaker-independent. Speaker-dependent means when the speaker has to dictate and speaker-independent means when an application has to dictate. 

Speech to text AI tool

1. Assembly AI

Assembly AI is one of the best speech to text AI tool which can provide highly accurate transcriptions of various spoken language data including interviews, phone recordings, video interviews, and many more. This software helps to save a lot of time and effort required for the transcription. The base price of this application is 37 cents per hour of transcription. 

Assembly AI


Quick and easy transcription

Easy to integrate

24/7 support of the experts


There are no free trials

Bad audio are not easy to transcribe

2. Speechtext AI

It is also categorized as the best speech to text AI tool that provides accurate transcription because it uses domain-specific speech recognition technology. Users have the option to upload audio or video files and the text can be transcribed in any language. For better transcription, the users have the option to select an industry domain and audio type from the categories specified. The base price of this application is $10 per month for 180 transcription minutes.

Speechtext AI


It is a multilingual transcription tool supporting more than 30 languages

The error rate is less than 3.8%

The interface is simple and easy to use

Users can easily edit and export transcription


This tool is costly as the business plan is $99

3. Descript

Descript is claimed to provide speech recognition transcription with 95% accuracy. You can easily export or edit the text. Users have the option to upload the audio file or direct real-time transcription. This software also takes care of the mistakes or filler words by removing them from the generated text as well as the audio. The speech to text AI tool has creator plan is for $12 per month with 10 transcription hours. 


This software supports more than 22 different languages including German, Italian, Spanish, and many more

Automatically removes filler words

Overdub feature


Inconvenience of downloading YouTube videos

Machine transcription needs editing afterward

Delay in user experience

4. Rev AI

This speech to text AI tool has the features of asynchronous, streaming, and human transcription. Asynchronous transcription can be done in 36 languages. Streaming transcription can be done in 9 languages. Human transcription can be done in English only. The developers claim that the software provides the highest accuracy in speech to text transcription. 

Rev AI


It is easy to use

You will get the first 45 minutes of free transcription

Fast turnaround time

Affordable pricing for human transcription


Huge cost to be paid for long-form content

5. Notta 

This speech to text AI tool helps to save a lot of your valuable time by transcribing video or audio content. This software can easily transcribe and samurai presentation Demos, face-to-face meetings, or video recordings. The pro version of this software is available for $8.25 per month for 1800 minutes. 

Notta AI


Accurate transcription

Multiple export formats are available

Integration with platforms like Google meet


Limited languages supported

Dependence on the internet connection for live transcriptions. 


To conclude, the above analysis lists some of the speech to text AI tool which are very useful to the professionals who have to prepare captions for the videos.

Frequently asked questions

Which AI tool converts speech to text?

Assembly AI, Speechtext AI, Rev AI, Notta, Descript

Is Google Speech to Text API free?

You will get only 60 minutes of transcription for free each month

Is there a free AI text generator?


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