AI Tools For Research
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AI Tools For Research

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Artificial intelligence has proved to be an indispensable tool in the field of research and education. It supports the transformation of traditional approaches and methodologies. 

AI Tools For Research

In the past, scholars and students have spent several hours doing academic research. But nowadays researchers have access to AI tools. However, it is not easy to find out the best AI tools for research. 

In this article, I have listed AI tools for research or AI research tools that will be extremely helpful to you. These tools are also considered as AI for academic research.

AI tools for research

Google Scholar

This is the top favorite AI tool for research which lists up-to-date scholarly articles, journals, conference papers, scholarly literature, thesis, and many more. It allows the users to find out relevant publications and citations for the specific topic or keywords. 

Google Scholar

You can also get the citations in various formats like MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, etc. 

This is an easy-to-use platform having a very simple user interface. Also, it provides valuable resources for your research or studies. 

Wordvice AI

This AI tool for research provides real-time up to date proofreading of the content which includes punctuation, fixes spelling, as well as style errors. This tool ensures clarity and flow of the text. Along with finding grammatical mistakes, the tool also gives explanations and tips to improve writing skills. 

Wordvice AI

You can try it for free by signing up, and can unlock premium features with Wordvice AI premium. 


Scite is the most powerful AI research tool that allows users to work together on research papers and essays. The users can also find the evidence to back up the claims as well as evidence that refuse the claims. The users can use this tool to find reliable information and search among millions of research articles along with creating essay drafts or grant proposals. 



Elicit is the easiest on-the-go AI tool for research that helps to automate the research process. One can easily design and conduct qualitative research. This tool can automate by analyzing the textual data to specify the important themes, patterns, and sentiments. 


This AI tool does not require a specific keyboard match because it can automatically identify the relevant articles and extract useful information.

Elicit is a gold mine for any of researcher who wants to get deeper insights and make informed decisions. 


Trinka is a language proofreader and sentence structure checker online that has been created for scholastic and specialized composition. Its objective is to identify grammatical mistakes and errors like problems with word choices, syntax, subject-verb agreement, technical spellings, and use of articles and pronouns. 


Along with this, it also includes a professional tone, the use of technical words, and conciseness beyond spelling and grammar.

It is the most comprehensive tool that helps in providing predefined manuscript templates along with automated formatting tools to accomplish the specific guidelines of the journals or publishers. It also provides support for citation systems along with various writing styles.

Large groups of people can work on the same document simultaneously. In addition to it, the inbuilt database provides a list of journals along with the requirements to determine the appropriate publishing site.

It also has a feature of plagiarism detection so that you can improve the quality of the manuscript. 


This AI-powered tool helps to present the summary of an article, book chapter, or report. You can quickly get an idea of the main point of the document. 


Users can easily create the summary flashcard of any PDF or Word file. It can be easily configured to extract tables, images as well as figures to display the information in an easy way.


To summarize, the above analysis has listed 7 AI tools for research or AI for academic research.

Frequently asked questions

Which AI tool is best for research?

Google Scholar, Scite, Elicit, Trinka, etc.

Is chatGPT a good research tool?

Yes, chatGPT is a good research tool.

What is the AI tool for writing research papers?

Google Scholar is the AI tool for writing research papers

What is the most powerful research tool?

Google Scholar is the most powerful research tool.

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