GME Stock Price Target 2023, 2025, and 2030
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GME Stock Price Target 2023, 2025, and 2030

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GME is a reputed American company, having more than 4500 outlets. In this article, I will do a technical analysis of GME stock price target.

GME Stock Price Target

What is GME?

GameStop Corp. is a US-based video game, electronic consumer, and gaming merchandise retailer. The company has its headquarters in Grapevine, Texas. GME is categorized as the world’s largest video game retailer. It was founded in 1984 and got its current name in 1999. The company has more than 4500 stores operating in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe. 

The performance of the company decreased in the previous decade due to changes in the video game craze and shift to the online shopping. GME was founded by Leonard Riggio, Daniel DeMatteo, and Richard Fontaine. The current chairman is Ryan Cohen and CEO is Matt Furlong.

GME financials

Revenue$6.01 billion (in 2021)
Operating income-$396 million
Net income-$381 million
Total assets$3.50 billion
Total equity$1.60 billion
Net sales$8.2 billion
GME financials

GME stock price

The current GME stock price is $18.70. It has touched the highest value of $120 in January 2021. The company declared dividends before March 2019. Starting from March 2017, the company declared a dividend of 38 cents in every quarter till March 2019. Before March 2017, the dividend declared was 37 cents, 36 cents, and 33 cents each for three to four times.

GME stock price technical analysis

GME stock touched its highest point of $120 in February 2021 and after that, it reduced drastically to $11 within a month. The stock represents an up-and-down pattern since January 2021. 

GME stock price pattern
GME stock price pattern

GME stock represents a channel pattern where it has been continuously moving between the two trend lines. The stock is expected to retrace the lower trendline and thereafter it can cross the upper trend line. 

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GME stock price target

GME stock price target 2023

GME stock has been volatile with huge price changes and occasional sharp increases. The stock price is expected to be around $24 to $32

GME stock price target 2024

The stock is expected to show volatility with the increase in the challenging retail environment and changing market trends. There can be ups and downs in the future as well. The stock price is expected to be between $40 and $54.

GME stock price target 2025

The traders can get an opportunity to purchase the stock at a lower price. The estimated target for 2025 is between $46 and $63.

GME stock price target 2030

The stock is expected to observe a change as the company might have to evolve with increasing competition. The estimated stock price is between $230 and $310.

What is the future of GME?

GME is expected to give a significant return on the investment. Currently, the stock price is at its lowest point. The investment done at this point will give a good return to the long-term investors. This means the future of GME is bright.

Is GME good to invest in right now?

Yes, GME is good to invest in right now because this stock is currently trading at the lowest price post covid. The stock market is expected to revive and investors will get a good return on their investment. 

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Frequently asked questions

What is GME price target 2025?

The estimated target for 2025 is between $46 and $63.

What was GME highest price?

GME highest price is $120

Is GME fairly valued?

Yes, at the current price, GME is fairly valued. The investors are advised to invest at this point if they desire a good return on investment.

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