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Tesla Stock Price Target 2023 to 2034

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Tesla stock price target, Tesla stock price prediction 2023

Tesla company details

Tesla Stock Price Target 2023 to 2034
Tesla Stock Price Target 2023 to 2034

Tesla is a US-based electric vehicle company, headquartered in Austin, Texas, United States. The company designs and produces electric cars, battery energy storage, solar roof tiles, and solar panel, and associated products. Tesla is the most valuable company in the world having a market capitalization of around $1 trillion.

The company has captured 23% of the electric vehicle market in 2020. The company was founded in 2003 and headed by Elon Musk (CEO), Robyn Denholm (Chairperson), Zach Kirkhorn (CFO), and Drew Baglino (CTO).

Tesla latest earnings

The revenue reported by the company for the year 2021 was US$ 53.8 billion and net income was US$5.52 billion. The number of employees working with Tesla as of April 2022 are 110,000. 

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Tesla technical analysis

The current Tesla stock price is US$ 192.42. The maximum price touched by Tesla stock is US$ 414. 

Tesla stock price
Tesla stock price

The price movement has formed triangle pattern and the current price is near the horizontal line. The current price is the right entry point as the stock have maintained the minimum price level of 180 from last 2 years. The current price is the perfect entry point for both conservative as well as aggressive investors.

Tesla price breakout
Tesla price breakout

As soon as the price break out, it is expected give huge return on investment.

Tesla stock price target

YearTesla stock price target
Tesla target price

Competitors of Tesla

Some of the competitors of Tesla are Ford, Nissan, General Motors, Honda, Nio, etc. However, when it comes to electric vehicle segment, Tesla owns the top position.

Future of Tesla

Technological advancements have helped Tesla to innovate its business processes. This is evident from the fact that Tesla was among the first vehicle producers to launch electric vehicles. Tesla has reinvented the car buying experience by providing a complete range of electric cars from premium cars to mass-market vehicles.

Tesla allowed their customers to visit store locations for an interactive experience. The customers were also allowed to configure their own Roadster. The strategy was to encourage customers to share their experiences on Facebook with their friends.

The company owned the entire process from vehicle design to customer delivery for close communication between engineers and the sales team.

Is tesla a good stock to buy?

Tesla is the growth stock and there are several factors supporting the investment.

First is the company has huge market share in the electric vehicle Industry segment.

Next is the benefits Tesla have that other companies, like Nio and Rivian, do not have.

Third is tesla has the necessary infrastructure for electric vehicle production, like biggest network of supercharger. 

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is Tesla stock prediction for 2030?

The Tesla stock prediction for 2030 is $1,050

2. What is 12 month price target for Tesla?

Tesla stock is expected to reach $460

3. Is tesla buy hold or sell?

Tesla is at buy position

4. Is Tesla stock predicted to rise?

Yes, Tesla stock predicted to rise

5. Is Tesla a good stock for 2023?

Yes, Tesla a good stock for 2023.

Disclaimer: If you want to invest in the stock market, you should consult your financial advisor before making a buying decision. You should assess the risk and study the company details.

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