Free AI Tools For Content Writing
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Free AI Tools For Content Writing

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Content creation is essential in today’s digital era to increase audience retention and get traffic to the website. Creating engaging content can be a difficult task even for experienced writers. Luckily, technological advancements like artificial intelligence can help content writers in numerous ways. In this article, I will explore some of the free AI tools for content writing which will increase writing potential and user experience on the website.

Before preceding further, let us discuss AI tools for content writing

What is AI tools for content writing

Tools for content writing are the tools that can generate content automatically once the user gives instructions regarding a topic or keywords. Whether you are a content writer or a business owner, AI writing tools can increase your writing process and at the same time reduces repetitiveness. You can also generate blog post ideas.

Free AI Tools For Content Writing
Free AI Tools For Content Writing

Below is the list of the best free AI tools for content writing

Best free AI tools for content writing


This tool was founded by Paul Yacoubian in 2020. It works on GPT 3 to generate the content. The assistance from this tool is used for blogs, e-commerce, social media, email writing, sales copies, and many more. This tool has been tried and tested by thousands of people.

The free version of this tool allows for generating 2,000 words per month.


Efficient blog wizard tool

High-quality content

More than 100 templates are available for users to create diversified content


Limited content generation each month

Supports only English

No history tab

2. Contentbot

This tool is suitable for short-form and long-form content. Users can also create a full article with a single click. There is also an option for creating high-quality blog posts by dragging content blocks in the editor. A few of the features are blog shots, AI writing, press release tool, paraphrasing tools, SEO tool, marketing copy, sales copy, and many more.

The free version of this platform allows for generating 5,000 words per month.


Users can access all the features on this platform for free

Additional 30000 words are provided for free by leaving an honest review on G2 for Contentbot


More credits can be obtained by paying money

3. Rytr

This tool has an understanding of language model which can source words from the online database for the prediction of text and creates content free from plagiarism. The content can be created in more than 35 languages and 22 writing tones. The unique features are a landing page generator, plagiarism checker, etc.

The free version of this tool can create 10,000 characters per month which is around 1,500 to 2,500 words.


Supports several languages

Interactive user interface

Several magic command tools


No long-form content due to word limit

Sometimes generates inaccurate results

4. Writecream

This tool was created by Krittin Kalra in 2021 and this tool can create perfect quality content for blogs, ads, emails, websites, social media, etc. This tool can produce content in more than 75 languages.


The free version of this tool can generate 10,000 words per month.


Unique tool fulfilling all custom requests

Can produce long-form content

Supports several languages


Old interface

Producers average results

5. ParagraphAI

This tool works well on all the platforms like Android and IOS. Users can generate content in more than 30 different languages. A few of the unique features are high-quality output, support for multiple languages, and affordable plans. 


The free version of this platform can generate 20,000 characters of text each day.


Supports multilingual text

Producers quality content 

Available on Android and IOS


Do not provide information about current events

6. Simplified

This tool was created by KD Deshpande in 2020. It is a perfect solution for writing content, publishing content, editing videos, and many more. The tool supports more than 20 languages.


The free version of this platform generates 3,000 words per month.


Produces quality content

Modern interface

Impressive AI tools


Does not produce long-form content

7. Chatsonic

Chat Sonic is a revolutionary AI tool just like chatGPT but it has the capabilities of GPT 4. Users can generate content for product descriptions, blog posts, sales pages, ad copies, and many more.


The free version of this tool can create 10,000 words


Provides real-time and accurate information about current events


Limited word count

8. Neuroflash

This tool was created in 2017 and it is based on GPT3. The content produced by this tool is in 11 different languages. It can create content for blogs, emails, product descriptions, website copy, sales, and many more. 


The free version of this tool creates 2,000 words per month.


Produces quality output

modern user interface

 AI image generator 

Produce long-form content


Limited languages 

Limited AI text versions


9. Scalenut

This tool is a perfect AI content assistant that helps the user to brainstorm ideas and publish the content according to search engine optimization. Along with creating content, it can also suggest alternatives. The users can get information on trending topics and keywords.


The free version of this tool produces 2,000 contents every month


User interface is simple and easy

generates long-form content

 easily integrates with several other marketing platforms like WordPress and Semrush


Few credits are free to use

10. Writeme

This tool was created by Muhammad Ali Khokher in 2020 and the software is trained on more than 5 million articles. It uses 90 million parameters to estimate the text. Users can get content created in more than 34 languages with unique features of the magic command tool, freelancing tools, chrome extension, and long-form content creation. The tool can create content about social media posts, marketing and ads, business writing, SEO content, and many more.


The free version of this platform generates 2,000 words every month


Generates long-form content

Quick response

Good quality content


No option for the history tab

Free AI Tools For Content Writing

Frequently asked questions

Is there any free AI for content writing?

Yes, there are several free AI for content writing

Which AI tool is best for content writing?, Contentbot, Rytr, Chatsonic, Simplified, Scalenut, and many more.

Which AI can write 10,000 words?

Writecream can write 10,000 words per month

Can I write 1k words in a day?

Yes, you can easily write 1k words in a day.

What language is most AI written in?

Python is the language most AI written in

How to get free AI writing tools?

Several free AI writing tools are listed above.

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