Are Smart Door Locks Secure?
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Are Smart Door Locks Secure?

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Smart door locks have been invented to ease down the routine tasks, like door locking from smartphone. It is essential to understand the benefits and drawbacks, before starting to use it. In the article, I will discuss are smart door locks secure, where I will explain the meaning, advantages, disadvantages, etc.

Are Smart Door Locks Secure

What are smart door locks?

Smart door locks is an electronic and mechanical locking system that can be opened wirelessly by an authorized person. The owners of smart homes can open the locks by entering a password or pin or fingerprint or iris scan. They can also allow other authorized people to open the smart door locks by giving them a password or pin. Smart door lock system is not like traditional lock system which requires traditional keys to open the door. 

Are smart door locks more secure?

Smart door locks are considered to be more secure than traditional locks but it depends on the type and quality of the lock being used. The quality of the lock plays a major role in ensuring security. Smart door locks are believed to be more flexible and convenient because of new security updates in the system. 

It provides ease of access and it can be locked from anywhere, through a smartphone. If the user forgets to lock up then it is easy for them to lock the home which is not the case with the traditional lock system. Smart door lock system provides an additional layer of security as well as convenience for the home. It is also important to assess the security features of the lock that you consider for your home.

What are the disadvantages of smart locks?

There are several vulnerabilities of smart door locks:

1. Weak passwords: If the user chooses a weak password or one which can be easily guessed, then there is a huge risk to the security of the house.

2. Physical security system: Hackers or skilled intruders can easily bypass or manipulate the smart locks physically.

3. Hacking or malware: Smart locks can be hacked by professional hackers or intruders with high levels of coding or software.

4. Power cut or connectivity problem: Smart door locks might not function properly if there is a power outage or problem with internet connectivity.

Smart door lock

What are the advantages of smart locks?

There are several benefits of smart door locks:

1. Convenience: The user has the convenience to lock the door without any key. Also, there is no need to carry the key whenever the owner or user moves out of the house.

2. Enhanced security: Smart locks are more advanced and secure because of security features like two-factor authentication. This helps to prevent intruders from getting unauthorized access. 

3. Remote access: The users or homeowners can access the lock from a distant location, even if they forget to lock the home while leaving. 

4. Integration with other smart home systems: The connectivity through the internet allows the smart door lock to be connected or integrated with other smart devices in the home. This leads to automation of the home devices. 

Factors to access the security of smart door lock

1. Two-factor authentication: The users or homeowners should consider the door locks which support two-factor authentication like a pin code and the OTP sent to the phone. This will add an additional security apart from the password.

2. Firmware updates: The users should ensure that the software is up to date and that regular security update is provided by the manufacturer. Outdated firmware has a higher risk of security flaws. 

3. Encryption: The lock must have strong encryption for protecting the communication between the lock and other devices. End-to-end encryption is needed to make sure that the data is secured during transmission and storage. 

Recommended smart door locks

Some of the recommended smart door locks that you might consider for your home are given below. Click the link to know more about it

  1. QUBO Smart Door Lock Essential from Hero Group

2. LAVNA LA24 Smart Door Lock with Bluetooth Mobile App

3. QUBO Smart Door Lock Select from Hero Group

Can smart lock be hacked?

Yes, smart locks can be hacked if the software is not up to date and a weak password is set by the user. In short, any technology that can be connected to the internet have a higher chance of getting hacked. Smart door locks that work with traditional locking system offers the best resistance against hacking because the door needs to be opened physically with the help of a key.

Smart door lock

To conclude, the article presents detailed analysis on are smart door locks secure.

Frequently asked questions

Can a locksmith open a smart lock?

A locksmith cannot open the smart lock because a locksmith is an expert with a traditional locking system. To be able to open the smart lock, the locksmith has to be an expert or have programming knowledge. 

Do smart locks deter burglars?

Yes, smart locks can deter burglars because it has feature of an alarm system to warn the house owners. A notification on the smartphone can also be sent if they are not at home.

What is the safest type of door lock?

Deadbolt door lock system integrated with a smart lock is the safest type of door lock because it has a key lock at the exterior door of the home. Is usually available in single or double-cylinder styles.

Are smart locks worth it?

Yes, smart locks are worth it, if implemented in the appropriate way. Proper security updates and two-factor authentication will make it better than traditional locking. 

Are fingerprint door locks safe?

Yes, fingerprint door locks are safer than traditional locks because it requires fingerprint credentials which cannot be lost or misplaced.

What happens if smart lock fails?

The users should identify the reason for the smart lock failure which can be a battery replacement requirement, power outage, or the correct pin or password entered by the user.

Do smart locks work when Wi-Fi is down?

Smart locks that do not require Wi-Fi can be incorporated with Bluetooth protocol which allows easy communication between all the smart devices. This system will work even if there is no internet connection on the smartphone. 

Disclaimer: The recommendations are not advice to buy, you must do your assessment before making the purchase decision.

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