How Electric Vehicles Will Effect The Economy?
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How Electric Vehicles Will Effect The Economy?

Electric vehicles have been widely adopted by people across the world. Several people are concerned about the environmental harm due to gasoline engine vehicles resulting in the shift to electric vehicles. In the article, I will explore how electric vehicles will effect the economy.

how electric vehicles will effect the economy

The electric vehicle also has a significant impact on the economy in various ways:

1. Less dependence on fossil fuels: As electric vehicles become more popular, the demand for petroleum-based products and gasoline will reduce drastically, because the majority of fossil fuels are used for transportation. Less dependence on fossil fuels will automatically decrease oil prices, resulting in both positive and negative impacts on the economy. Reduced prices of fossil fuels can directly reduce the transportation cost for all users. On the contrary, the reduced transportation cost will decrease the profits of the companies as well as countries whose main source of income is from oil exports.

2. Environmental benefits: Electric vehicles result in fewer emissions as compared to the typical gasoline vehicles. In short, electric vehicles can help to decrease air pollution and its impact on the climate. Moreover, reduced air pollution is also associated with better public health. 

3. Change in the automotive industries: The change or shift to electric vehicles would require vehicle manufacturing companies to invest in technology and innovation so that the final product can be beneficial for all stakeholders. This can also result in the opportunity for new entrants in the industry and disrupt the ordinary automotive industry.

4. Job creation: The change to electric vehicles has resulted in several new job opportunities in the industry like electric vehicle production, charging infrastructure installation, battery manufacturing, etc. This can result in job loss for those who are associated with traditional automotive manufacturing. 

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What is the impact of electric vehicles on the Indian economy?

India is the largest automobile market in the world after Germany and Japan in terms of sales. For sustainable development, policymakers and manufacturers have collaborated together so that the world can focus on greener options. 

The automotive sector is the major contributor to the economy of India accounting for around 7% of GDP and job opportunities. According to the economic survey 2023, the domestic electric vehicle market of India is expected to see a 49% compound annual growth rate between 2022 and 2030. 

The expected annual sales by 2030 will be 10 million. Along with this, the electric vehicle industry is estimated to create more than 50 million jobs by 2030. 

What are the economic advantages of electric vehicles?

There are several economic advantages of electric vehicles

1. Low maintenance cost: The maintenance cost of electric vehicles is very low because the number of internal parts is less compared to gas vehicles. The requirement to service electric vehicles is also less compared to diesel or petrol vehicles.

2. Tax and financial benefits: The taxes like road tax and registration fees on purchasing an electric vehicle is less than the diesel or petrol vehicles. The government also provides incentives to electric vehicle owners.

3. Zero Tailpipe emissions: Electric vehicles result in zero carbon emissions leading to a positive impact on the environment. The usage of non-renewable energy resources will be reduced drastically.

Electric vehicle vs gasoline vehicle

What is the impact of electric vehicles on sustainable development?

The electric vehicle improves the environment by decreasing carbon emissions. There is less dependence on fossil fuels. Improvement in community health because of reduced air pollution. Better job opportunities, as well as training prospects for people who desire to, pursue their career in the electric vehicles segment. 

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Who benefits most from electric vehicles?

Several industry segments will benefit most from electric vehicles

  • Battery providers
  • Utility providers
  • E-commerce
  • EV manufacturers
  • Delivery Partners
  • Transport

To conclude, electric vehicles are definitely the future. The article answers how electric vehicles will effect the economy.

Frequently asked questions

Do electric cars use oil?

Electric cars do not use oil. However, oil is needed to lubricate the moving parts of the engine. 

How long do electric car batteries last?

Electric car batteries have a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years.

Do electric cars have gears?

No, electric cars do not have gears, unlike traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. Electric cars are based on a single-gear system.

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