Top Free AI Software To Ease Your Life
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Top Free AI Software To Ease Your Life

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With the advent of chatGPT, there has been a growing demand for innovative and efficient solutions to professional or business problems. The role of artificial intelligence has turned out to be prominent with the streamlining of individual and business processes. Artificial intelligence provides unmatched possibilities to businesses, startups, researchers, and several other professions. In this article, I will explore the world of free AI software and unlock its potential.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

What is Free AI Software?

Free AI software are artificial intelligence applications that are available for free making it accessible to wide users. The objective of this free AI software is to foster innovation and democratize technology. Free AI software provides enticing opportunities to businesses of all sizes as well as individuals with diverse interests. 

Benefits of free AI software

Cost-effective solution: The cost barrier is eliminated with free AI software. This is highly beneficial for small businesses, startups, students, research enthusiasts, and many more, as they have budget constraints.

Easy to use: Free AI software is user-friendly and does not require extensive technical skills and knowledge. 

Learning and skill development: Free AI software provides hands-on experience to the users and ensures the journey of continuous learning. 

Community support: Free AI software that is widely adopted by the communities, their users can share their knowledge and collaborate on various projects. 

Diverse applications: Free AI software has applications in several fields like image recognition, natural language processing, data analysis, and many more. Its versatile nature helps users to explore a wide range of use cases.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

10 free AI software

It is a copywriting tool that helps to generate plagiarism-free content. The content can be used to brainstorm, write, and edit ideas. The only thing that needs to be done is to instruct the app to write the press release, poem, job description, social media post, or blog post on any of the subjects or topics.


It is an AI driver soul generator where you can create the image of your perfect soulmate based on the text and tags entered along with real lifestyle or anime style. This tool is free to use but can be used a limited number of times. The program is trained on huge image data sets to create realistic and unique images.

This tool is extremely helpful to copywriters who can create any type of content like email writing, blogs, product descriptions, website copies, video content, and many more. This software creates easy-to-read and unique content for the users. The only thing required to use this tool is to sign up for an account along with a description of the topic of interest of the user.

Dalle 2

It is an image creator tool that generates realistic art and images based on the description. The images created are original which combines the style, concept, and attributes of the digital image. This tool is completely free to use for the users.

This tool can easily convert hand-drawn sketches as well as app screenshots into editable wireframes within seconds. The output generated is the professional grade designs without the requirement of manual creation. 


It is a video-making platform providing several formats and templates to create videos effortlessly. The software creates the entire video sequence by incorporating images using imported transcripts. Moreover, the tool also provides a wide range of video clips and images that can be included in the final video.

Deep Beat

It is an AI-powered rap lyrics writer that helps users to identify keywords and use them in lyrics. The tool also gives automated suggestions along with writing lyrics. The only thing that needs to be done is to write down the line to start or enter the keywords so that the content can be created from scratch with just a click. 

Deep Nostalgia

This software helps to animate the faces in the photos with the help of deep learning. This is useful when people want to see animated photos of their old families. The common characteristics of this application include moving the head, smiling, and blinking the eyes.

This software helps to separate music, stem extraction and remove vocals. The users can easily remove instruments like piano, bass, drums, and acoustic guitar. 


Google’s open-source machine learning framework TensorFlow has established itself as a major player in the field of AI development. Developers can effectively construct and deploy AI models because of their vast range of tools and resources.


Building predictive models is made easier by the user-friendly, open-source machine-learning library known as Scikit-learn. Both newcomers and seasoned AI practitioners favor it because of its simplicity and resilience.


A potent toolkit for computer vision applications is OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library). Due to its wide range of features, developers can make programs for many purposes, including the analysis of images and videos and facial recognition.

Disadvantages of free AI software

Limited functionality: Free AI software has limited features in comparison to their paid versions. Some of the advanced functions and tools are available only in the paid version.

Data privacy: Several free AI software gather and use user data for marketing. The users have to be diligent about the information they fed into the system.

Vendor lock-in: Several free AI software lacks interoperability with other platforms and tools. If anyone wants to switch to a different software could have to rework a lot. 

Limited documentation: Free AI software can have limited documentation, making it difficult for the users to fully explore or get started with the capabilities of the software.

Limited scalability: Free AI software might not be able to handle projects or big datasets. This makes them UN suitable for researchers or big businesses. 

Top Free AI Software

Frequently asked questions

Is there a free AI I can use?

Yes, there are several free AI software you can use in your routine. For example SoulGen, Deep Nostalgia, Dalle 2, Lumen5, etc.

Does AI cost money?

If you are looking for full features of the AI software, then you have to pay for using the advanced features. If you consider using the base version only, then there is no need to pay for it. 

Which is the best software for AI?

There are several useful AI software, like ChatGPT, SoulGen, Deep Nostalgia, Dalle 2, Lumen5, etc.

What is Google’s AI called?

Google AI is called Bard.

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