How AI Is Used In Cybersecurity?
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How AI Is Used In Cybersecurity?

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The technological advancements have benefited millions of people. Along with benefits, there are growing concerns about cyber threats that have utilized artificial intelligence for cybersecurity. The intent of this article is to explore how AI is used in cybersecurity. Artificial intelligence stimulates human intelligence in machines and it has significantly changed the approach to secure critical information and networks.
Artificial intelligence has provided improved and advanced techniques to identify and prevent cyber threats.

How AI Is Used In Cybersecurity

Role of AI in cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence can handle huge data
An organisation has huge traffic online which is difficult for cyber security personnel to review it manually to identify potential threats. Artificial intelligence can automatically identify the threats and then streamline the detection processes to enhance the protection of the data.

Artificial intelligence learns more with the passage of time
AI utilizes deep learning and machine learning processes to observe network behavior and detect problems or security instances from the norm. This helps in initiating instant action and enhances future security measures by restricting the likely threats having similar characteristics.

Battling bots
The major threat occurring in this field is bots, which is widely utilized for spreading virus and stealing information.

AI removes time-consuming tasks
The human cyber security personnel have to manually check the malicious activity which takes long hours. However, with the help of artificial intelligence, quick scanning can be done to filter the threatening activities. The chances of mistakes are also less in this as the machine performs the task with minimum errors.

Secured authentication
Websites having features of user accounts or contact forms containing user information necessitate an additional layer of security protection. The tools mainly used are fingerprint scanners, CAPTCHA, facial recognition, etc, at the time of login. The fraudulent login attempts are easily detected which can secure the potential threats.

How AI Is Used In Cybersecurity?

How AI is helpful in cybersecurity?

Better accuracy
The improved AI system can detect new and emerging malware. On the contrary to traditional signature-based anti-virus systems, AI can use advanced machine learning algorithms to identify unknown and unique malware variants by analyzing the pattern of programs and files. The AI algorithm can report the file or application to be suspicious even if it does not resemble with the known malware signatures.

Better scalability
AI algorithms can handle huge amounts of data and respond to the cyber threat quickly. However, this is not the case with traditional cyber security approaches because of a lack of data handling efficiency. AI algorithms can process huge datasets along with network traffic logs, and threat intelligence feeds, and understand user behavior.

Improved efficiency
AI algorithm enhances the efficiency of the analysis of huge security data. It can rapidly process and observe the data and identify the patterns and variations that demonstrate cyber threats. AI algorithms can automatically scan the system to identify potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities. The system can prioritize as well as recommend security updates needed from time to time along with streamlining the patch management process.

How AI Is Used In Cybersecurity?

How AI can be risky in cyber security?

Lack of transparency and explainability
The AI algorithms utilized to make decisions regarding security threats cannot always be transparent, leaving open doors for manipulation. It would be difficult to understand for the user why the decision was made. Moreover, the decision made is not always accurate in identifying a potential breach or threat.

Data privacy
The use of AI in cyber security raises issues related to the safety of confidential information. Maintaining a balance between security measures and preserving the confidentiality of users is a major challenge.

Over-dependence on AI
Over-dependence on an automated system increases the complexity among cyber security personnel. They have to depend on manual interventions for security measures.

Biased decisions
The decisions made by AI programs can be biased as the data might contain biased information.


To summarise, the analysis discusses how AI is used in cybersecurity along with the role of AI in cybersecurity, its benefits, and drawbacks.

Frequently asked questions

How does AI help in cybersecurity?

Better accuracy
Better scalability
Improved efficiency

How will AI affect cybersecurity jobs?

AI can have both positive and negative impacts on cybersecurity jobs. Human professionals should be aware of the automated process and the way to use the system in routinely.

Is AI better than cybersecurity?

Both, AI and cyber security go hand in hand.

Will AI overtake cyber security?

AI is unlikely to overtake cyber security.

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