Best ChatGPT Alternatives You Can Explore In 2023

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Best ChatGPT Alternatives You Can Explore, ChatSonic, Jasper Chat, Chinchilla, Bloom, Elsa Speak

With an increase in the popularity of chatGPT, there is a rumor that the creators are soon going to launch the paid version of chatGPT with improved features. ChatGPT has made life very easy for several people across the world and of all age categories. The rumor of chatGPT going to be paid subscription will eventually lead people to explore other similar artificial intelligence programs. In this article, I will discuss about some of the Best ChatGPT Alternatives You Can Explore In 2023. 

Best ChatGPT Alternatives You Can Explore In 2023
Best ChatGPT Alternatives You Can Explore In 2023


ChatSonic is a perfect alternative to chatGPT because it can present the answers related to the current or latest topics from the Google as well as produce content in a desirable manner. ChatSonic is a perfect artificial intelligence program if you are looking for natural language processing power, and more streamlined or deep learning capabilities. This program can assist with real-time data, images, as well as voice commands. Moreover, it can quickly present the content requirement based on the inputs by the user. It can also be a perfect tool for customer service operations. ChatSonic is just like a brainstorming partner, best friend, and professor rolled into one.

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Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat is the mostly used artificial intelligence writing tool which have been available in the market along with writesonic. It is formerly known as Jarvis and is suitable for companies that desire to produce high-quality content in a short time. The program has a new chat interface that helps in creating content in an ancient manner. This AI program helps you to provide better output. the newly launched interface is perfect for businesses based on marketing and sales. The content creation is much faster and easy. 

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Chinchilla is a project associated with Deepmind and it is considered to be the perfect alternative to chatGPT because of its wide range of advantages and features. It is a compute optimal model having around 70 billion parameters. Chinchilla is similar to chatGPT but has outperformed chatGPT on the MMLU dataset of mathematics. Chinchilla is the perfect AI software for those who desire to use language models to form more sophisticated AI art as well as writing tasks. 


Bloom is created with the assistance of more than one thousand artificial intelligence specialists. It is an open-source platform and the perfect alternative to chatGPT. Bloom is cutting-edge multilingual language model with the capability of generating text in 46 languages and 13 programming languages. The content written is similar to the content written by humans. It has the capability of taking the text assignment which has not been taught to do specifically by observing them as an opportunity to create text. 

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Elsa Speak

Elsa Speak is an AI-based language learning application that is based on user speech examination and then it formulates some of the tasks that can be easily used and understood by the users. It is an English language speech assistant which can translate any different language into English. This technology uses voice recordings of people speaking in English having multiple accents. The program can identify the vocal patterns of people who do not possess a native level of provisions, providing it advantage over the other voice recognition programs. Elsa speak is available for free only for 7 day trial. The paid version is available for starting at $11.99 per month which can be billed monthly and annually. 

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