Is ChatGPT Cheating?
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Is ChatGPT Cheating?

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ChatGPT has benefited several millions of people within a month of launch. People have been testing it by asking realistic as well as weird questions. In this article, I will explore is ChatGPT cheating. You must be surprised to know that there is a very rare question to which ChatGPT cannot reply. Even if the question is related to the current scenario, you will get a response specifying that the training of the program is based on events that took place in 2021. 

People have used chatGPT in several ways. Students have explored the program by asking questions related to their studies. Bloggers have used chatGPT to prepare a blog post for their blogs. YouTubers have used chatGPT to prepare scripts for their video. Dietitians or health practitioners have used chatGPT to prepare a diet plan for their clients. Parents have used chatGPT to perform multiple tasks to teach their children and do other house-related work. Teachers have used chatGPT to prepare student-friendly content for classroom teaching. Coders and web developers have used chatGPT to write down programs. Travelers have used chatGPT to prepare vacation plans for their vacation. 

Is ChatGPT Cheating?

In short, chatGPT is found to be extremely helpful to all categories of people. Despite offering several benefits, chatGPT is on the verge of getting banned from schools. As the schools of New York City have already declared to ban this program because of fear of cheating by the students. Several interviewees have also used chatGPT during online interviews. There are numerous other cases where the chatGPT has been used at full capacity by the users. 

Now let’s discuss is chatGPT cheating? Well, the answer to this question depends on how you are using the program. ChatGPT is the program created by the Microsoft-backed company OpenAI. To date, the program is running in its beta version. Till the time the program is in beta version, it will be free for everyone throughout the world. ChatGPT will remain to be used in the same way. It is expected that soon the services will be available on a subscription basis and at that time ChatGPT will overcome all the shortcomings that are experienced by users nowadays. 

Coming back to the title question, I believe that chatGPT is cheating if the user tries to get an undue advantage without possessing knowledge about the subject discussed. For example, if the interviewee uses ChatGPT during an online interview to get selected for the vacant position then he will not be able to sustain for long in the job. Soon, he will either be caught by his superior or he will start losing interest in the job. In such a situation, it is better, to be honest with the interviewer. There are chances that the interviewer might hire the candidate for a different position, in which the candidate has expertise. 


This process will start if the students in the schools and colleges use chatGPT to get more knowledge about the subject instead of using it merely to get good grades. Students at an early age must be warned by their teachers about the consequences of using ChatGPT or cheating using artificial intelligence. Nowadays, the programming of Turnitin, a plagiarism software, has been done in a way that it can catch the content created using chatGPT or artificial intelligence software. 

Final words

Is ChatGPT cheating? It depends on how you are using chatGPT. If it is only to increase knowledge then it is not cheating. On the other hand, if the use of chatGPT is to get an undue advantage, then it is cheating. 

Frequently asked questions

How is ChatGPT cheating detected?

ChatGPT cheating can be detected with the help of plagiarism software.

How many people use ChatGPT to cheat?

Around 43% college going students uses ChatGPT or similar AI apps.

Is ChatGPT detectable?

Yes, ChatGPT is detectable

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