Should ChatGPT Be Banned In Schools And Colleges?
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Should ChatGPT Be Banned In Schools And Colleges?

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ChatGPT has gained a huge fan following within a few days of launch. One of the reasons is it is free for everyone and it can be used for unlimited times by the users. Now the question arises is should chatGPT be banned in schools and colleges? In this article, I will present my thoughts about past and present education, and several aspects in favor and against the ChatGPT.

Should ChatGPT Be Banned In Schools And Colleges

ChatGPT is found to be extremely helpful to some of the professionals like web developers, coders, salespeople, etc. Apart from helping several professionals in their routine tasks, chatGPT has also been misused by people of several categories.

There has been news that New York City schools have banned ChatGPT due to fear that the students can utilize the technology to cheat.

When I was a student, I remember that for every assignment or project given by our teacher, we had to go through several books placed in the library because the internet was not easily accessible and available like it is available today. To prepare a project or assignment of 10 pages, we had to gather content and write it in our handwriting. This process used to take several hours or days depending on the speed of writing. 

Recently, I saw a video on Instagram which have provided a readymade solution to the students. Even if a teacher asks to prepare an essay of 3,000 words in a student’s handwriting, everything can be done with the help of artificial intelligence. The content can be presented by chatGPT and the printouts can be taken after converting the computerized fonts to handwritten fonts. Multiple sites are available online that provide free services to users by converting computerized fonts to handwritten fonts. 

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Aspects in favor of ChatGPT



ChatGPT can be used from anywhere in the world with the help of an Internet connection which has made it a very convenient tool for students who might not have access to a teacher or tutor.


Chat GPT helps to save the time of students by providing quick and instant solutions to queries and also helping them to proceed to another important learning about the same or different topics.

Personalized learning

ChatGPT can help to adapt to the level of understanding of the student along with adjusting the difficulty level so that there can be a smooth conversation or question-answering session. This can help in making the experience of learning more effective as well as personalized.

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Aspects against chatGPT

Limited knowledge

ChatGPT provides limited information because of its training in information. The program cannot access the current information or be able to offer a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

Dependence on technology

The services of chatGPT can only be accessed if there is an availability of technology and the internet. This means the user cannot get the services if there is a lack of technology or internet services. Moreover, technical difficulty can be frustrating for students who want to learn something and this can slow down the progress of learning.

Lack of human interaction

It is true that one can have a regular conversation with chatGPT and can get as much information as possible. However, it does not have the ability to offer personalized feedback or have a real-time conversation with the students. This can limit the learning experience making it difficult for the students to have awareness of the concept or get clarification.

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ChatGPT can be a fantastic tool for students or learners who want to enhance their knowledge or skills. But it is essential to look after the limitations of this tool as it can have a negative impact and do not completely depend on it for education. 

The best advice to the students is to utilize chatGPT as an additional resource for learning. I believe that chatGPT should not be completely banned in schools and colleges, however, it should be used under the observation of teachers or instructors. 

It is true that artificial intelligence cannot replace human creativity but that does not mean it has no place in the classroom.

Frequently asked questions

Will ChatGPT be banned?

ChatGPT is already banned in New York City schools because there is a fear that students will use artificial intelligence chatbots to generate human-like writing content. The education department of New York City believes that the tool will be forbidden among all the networks and devices in the public schools of New York.

Is chatGPT free?

Yes, chatGPT is currently free because the program is launched for trial and testing by the users. Once it is completely developed, ChatGPT is expected to be available on a subscription basis. 

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