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Save 10% on iPhone 14 

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iPhone 14

You all know that we iPhone 14 has already launched and most of you are waiting to purchase it soon. Some of you might be thinking that the prices of the previous variants will drop and you can buy older variants.

iPhone 14
iPhone 14

What if I tell you that you can save 10% of the cost of an iPhone 14. You must be amazed. Right?

Whichever variant you buy, purchasing an iPhone is a completely different experience especially when it is loaded with amazing features.

By now, your excitement must have reached to next level to know the hack which will help you to save 10% on the buying price of iPhone 14.

Download the Hubble app on your smartphone. Hubble is a complete game changer in the short-term investing industry. If you are committed to buying electronic, clothes, or jewelry, then you can set a goal of purchase in the application. For every purchase, you will get a 10% discount.

For example, if you want to buy an AC worth Rs 50,000 and you have saved Rs 10,000 for 5 months then you will get Rs 5,000 reward. 

You are required to create a goal and have to save the amount for the same in 5 monthly installments and with this you will get a discount of 10%.

Now assume that you want to buy an iPhone 14 Pro Max worth Rs 1.4 Lakhs. With Hubble, you will be able to save around Rs 14,000 or depending upon the availability of offers.

You can download the application with my link and code RAVEE9832

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