Does ChatGPT Have An Ethics Problem?
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Does ChatGPT Have An Ethics Problem?

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ChatGPT has several advantages and disadvantages. The users who are using chatGPT on a regular basis must consider the ethical problems that might occur in their way. In this article, I will discuss does chatGPT have an ethics problem.

does chatGPT have an ethics problem

What are the ethical implications of chatGPT?

There are several ethical issues associated with chatGPT

1. Generate malicious code

Several users have stated that chatbots are able to create malicious code. However, chat GPT has been trained to prevent any type of request related to writing codes for hackers or phishing emails. There is a possibility that the experienced hacker will be able to trick the chatbot into writing down the malicious code.

2. Quick spread of fraudulent information

Chatbots are capable of creating content that sounds to be authentic but filled with fraudulent or violent content. It can create news articles intended to spread fake news or misinformation.

3. Study-related content

The teachers and professors have already raised concerns regarding the use of artificial intelligence by students to create projects and assignments. The plagiarism software is not able to detect the copied content generated by AI. 

AI ethics

4. Racial biases

ChatGPT has represented concerns related to racial biases, and this has been the problem with the majority of chatbots or AI models.

5. Answering interview questions

ChatGPT can be used by the candidate appearing for an online interview to answer the questions asked by the interviewer. The candidate can smartly trick the interviewer by giving answers to the questions for which he is not sure.

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What are the limitations of chatGPT?

There are several limitations of chatGPT

1. ChatGPT can give wrong answers

2. ChatGPT is not an expert just like human

3. ChatGPT is not completely trained

4. ChatGPT is not very detailed

5. ChatGPT just summarizes the content

6. ChatGPT has a machine language

7. ChatGPT is not very expressive

8. ChatGPT can be monetized

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Is chatGPT a problem?

ChatGPT has had a huge reputation since its inception. However, the developers of chatGPT have clearly mentioned that the program has Limited knowledge of world events after 2021 and that is the reason it is prone to filling the replies with wrong data if sufficient information about the subject is not provided. 

ChatGPT is a problem if someone is looking for an answer to a query that is related to events after 2021 or the data that have not been fed into the system. 

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Can teachers know if you use chatGPT?

Yes, the teachers can know if you use chatGPT. ChatGPT utilizes an artificial intelligence engine which is a combination of GPT 3.5 language technology which is trained to understand as well as create content based on the huge amount of data collected.

AI teaching

The language technology model GPT 3.5 can be easily detected with the help of AI-detecting algorithms, like, content, etc. Since the majority of AI detection software applications are free and the majority of them follow a certain pattern for content creation, the teachers can easily identify if the content is created through chatGPT.

If your teacher doesn’t prohibit you from using AI software then you need not worry about it.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the IQ score of chatGPT?

Sergey Ivanov, an AI researcher and senior applied scientist at Amazon Web Services determined that the IQ of chatGPT is 83.

Can I use chatGPT for college essays?

Yes, you can use chatGPT for college essays but you have to be very careful about the uniqueness of the content.

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