Is ChatGPT A Reliable Source?
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Is ChatGPT A Reliable Source?

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ChatGPT has been used extensively by users across the world. People have benefited a lot from the use of AI technology. They have started using chat GPT on a routine basis and found it extremely helpful. The question that arises in the minds of several people is: is chatGPT a reliable source? In this article, I will discuss Is ChatGPT A Reliable Source.

Is ChatGPT A Reliable Source

ChatGPT for essay writing

I asked chatGPT to prepare an essay on Halloween. To my surprise, chatGPT prepared a detailed essay of more than 300 words. ChatGPT provided a complete history of Halloween and how it is celebrated in multiple regions of the world. The content doesn’t have any significant grammatical errors. In short, the content can be used by students who get similar homework from their schools. 

ChatGPT essay of Halloween
ChatGPT essay of Halloween

I believe that chatGPT can be used extensively by the students to enhance their knowledge and ideas related to the content for writing a detailed essay.

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ChatGPT for mathematical solutions

After testing chatGPT for essay writing, I asked three mathematics questions searched on the internet. The explanation for the questions was not given. The solutions provided by chatGPT for all three questions were accurate and the steps were also provided for easy understanding by the students or users. 

ChatGPT response to mathematics questions
ChatGPT response to mathematics questions

I believe that chatGPT can be a perfect tool for students who experience difficulty in understanding the steps of mathematics questions.

ChatGPT for writing codes or multiple languages

Web developers, software programmers, and coders are often tasked with writing complex codes. One of the easiest codings is preparing a C program. I asked chatGPT to prepare a C program to add two numbers. The program has accurately provided the coding with detailed steps for easy understanding of the user.

ChatGPT C program to add two numbers
ChatGPT C program to add two number

I believe that chatGPT is a perfect tool for those who have difficulty understanding the steps of the program. 

Till now, I can say that chatGPT is a reliable source as it has accurately provided solutions to the queries. Depending upon the usage, one can experience irrelevant responses to the queries. 

If someone asks illogical questions or irrelevant queries then there is a high chance that the solution obtained might not be useful.

Future prediction

We all know that the training data fed into ChatGPT is till 2021. This means the program cannot provide answers to queries related to recent times. 

Despite knowing, I asked a few questions regarding the future. Future prediction is difficult and it requires complex calculations and software programming. When I asked about the future world population, chatGPT made predictions based on estimations given by the United Nations. 

Similarly, the questions were asked related to future literacy rate, future online jobs, estimated weather conditions, etc. Almost all the estimations provided were accurate because they were backed by the government or research institutes. 

Opinions given by educational institutions

Several educational institutions, like schools and colleges, across the world, have stated that chatGPT is not a reliable source of information and it can provide inaccurate responses. The schools and colleges want to make sure that the students should get accurate information and that there should not be any false information spread. 

Moreover, schools and colleges also suspect that chatGPT can be used by students to cheat in examinations. This is one of the reasons that the AI program will be banned in school and college premises. 

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Can you trust chatGPT?

Within a few days of the launch of chat GPT, more than 1 million people tried and tested it. However, the creators of the company have stated that chatGPT can produce misleading or incorrect information. They have also instructed the users to be careful. 

How does chatGPT work?

ChatGPT is a specialized large language model. It is designed to model the probability of sequences mainly the word sequences. The machine learning techniques apply to large amounts of text which helps chatGPT to learn which words are likely to be followed by the other words. For more details, you can refer to the link. 

How good is chatGPT?

ChatGPT is good for those who have benefited from it, bad for those who have not got significant results, and the average for those who neither benefited nor lost anything. However, the majority of people have benefited from it in their routine life. We can say that chatGPT is good.

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Final words

ChatGPT is a reliable source if it is used with the objective of learning or upgrading your skills. It is advised to use other authentic sources of learning as well. The article presents deep analysis of Is ChatGPT A Reliable Source.

Frequently asked questions

Is chatGPT safe?

Most of the AI chatbots are legitimate and safe like other apps. Security measures, like multi-factor authentication, encryption, cookies, etc., can help to keep the information secure on chatGPT.

Can chatGPT be hacked?

Chatbots gather and store a large amount of personal data, like email and phone numbers, from the users which can be hacked or mishandled.

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