AI vs Human Writer: Which Is Better?
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AI vs Human Writer: Which Is Better?

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With the invention of AI writing tools, there has been a constant debate about who is a better writer an AI or a human. The advancements in AI have outgrown and several tools have been created for the betterment and quick results for humans. However, we cannot ignore the difficulties posed by AI. The topic of concern for the article is AI vs Human Writer.

AI vs Human Writer

First of all, let us understand what is AI writer and human writer.

AI writer

AI writing is a computer program that can generate content similar to the one written by humans. The objective of this computer program is to simplify the process of writing by allowing technology to create polished and original content.

AI writer

Human writer

A human writer is an individual capable of creating content with a personalized touch. Humans can mold the content as per the needs of the audience or readers. Human writing is the traditional writing way that has been followed to date.

Rise of AI writing

Now we need to understand why AI writers have been so popular nowadays and what are the reasons they are not being used by people who prefer to have a human touch.


1. Quick results

This is one of the top reasons. The AI writers can generate content extremely fast and at the same time increase productivity. Some of the AI writers are so efficient that they can produce content within a few seconds and with higher accuracy. 

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2. Full of ideas

You ask any question and the AI writers will never let you down. Another advantage of AI writers is they are always full of ideas and you can get as much as content as you want. 

3. Cost-effective method

AI writing is a cost-effective method for organizations that cannot afford to pay human writers. Several tasks related to product promotion and marketing have been conducted with the help of AI writers.

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4. 24/7 availability

You can get the assistance of AI writing, as and when required. This means users can get the content at midnight or early in the morning. You will instantly get the readymade content. 

5. Money-making source

If you know how to make efficient use of AI then you can definitely explore several ideas and ways to make money. Users have been using AI to create content for their articles or blog posts, write down pitches for sales, scripts for videos, diet plans, and many more.

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Now let us consider some of the disadvantages of AI writing

1. Lack of human emotions

AI writing cannot understand the emotions of the user. If you ask AI to write down content considering the happy feelings of the user who recently got a new job, it might not accurately present the emotions in the content. In short, AI cannot prepare content based on the inner feelings of the user. 

2. No sense of morals or ethics

Sometimes the content or the results generated by an AI are completely nonsense. Here is an example of an AI where I asked it to prove Pythagoras theorem and it has given an answer which lacks clarity. 

ChatGPT results of Pythagoras theorem

3. Lack of original insights

AI can produce content on the basis of the data on which it is being trained. It cannot produce original content of its own. The developers have to train AI by feeding in the content from millions of multiple data sources like books, journals, internet articles, magazines, blogs, government reports, and many more. Moreover, the information provided by AI is not based on current events. 

4. Possibility of plagiarism

The content produced by AI has a high chance of plagiarism because the content is not original. Although, several students have taken advantage of AI in completing their assignments but this has resulted in the ban of AI tools in several educational institutes. Several factors contribute to plagiarized content like source data, originality, creative input, attribution, intent, and review. 

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Human writer’s edge

Let us consider the perspective of the human writer. Human writing is traditional writing where the writer has to think of all the points appropriate for the content and then prepare it in the form of sentences and paragraphs. This typically involved paper and pen, and if we consider it in the modern age then the writers prefer preparing the same on their laptops by typing the content of their own. 

Human writer


1. Understand emotions

Human writers are aware of their emotions as well as of their readers. They can decide the form of personal connection needed to be maintained with their audience because the primary objective is to maintain a long-term connection. 

2. Original insights

Human writers are capable of creating original insights about the content. They can also create new or unique content that has not been published before that. Anything that is created for the first time can be termed original content. 

3. Creativity

It is true that AI writing can also create novel copyrighting but human writers have the ability to think out of the box and explore new and abstract ideas. This type of content can be thought-provoking and inspiring for the readers. Moreover, the readers also prefer to have such kind of engaging content which they believe is associated with them. 

4. Storytelling

Human writers have the ability to present the content in the form of a story. They can create characters that can be memorized for a long time, and create suspense and emotions. However, this cannot be created by AI. 


1. Time consuming

Human writing is typically considered to be time-consuming. One of the ways to prove this is by writing content of 1000 words would require several hours. On the other hand, if you ask AI to create content of 1000 words then it would hardly take a minute or few to generate it. 

2. Expensive to hire the best writers

Human writers are expensive. The most talented writers demand higher rates compared to their subpar writers. This can be disadvantageous for small organizations who cannot afford to pay high prices to get their content written by such writers.

3. Difficult to find a reliable writer

Another major disadvantage is that finding a reliable human writer can be a difficult task because several writers claim themselves to be good at writing. However, the reality is completely different. Most of them might write average content but not extraordinary, which could be a requirement of a big organization. This would require them to screen the writer’s applications during hiring. 

4. Missed deadlines

Human writers can miss the deadline specified to complete the content. Poor health can be one of the factors in delayed performance. 

AI writing and Human Writers Collaboration

Focusing or giving importance to any one of the writing types can be disadvantageous. If you believe that AI writing is the best then you are going to miss the benefits of human writing. On the contrary, if you give importance to human writing then you will not read the benefits of AI writing. This means one should collaborate human writing with AI writing to get the best.

AI writing and Human Writers Collaboration

We have already heard several times that those who are not able to make the best use of advanced technology will have to lag behind. One must keep themselves up to date with technological changes and collaborate in routine tasks. 

Instead of competition, human writers should maintain a harmonious connection with AI. They can harness the power of AI with the help of data-driven content. This can be integrated with the authentic and creative ideas of humans.

Apart from this, AI can suggest ideas for the topic and the same can be utilized by human writers, or vice versa. This will help to enhance the overall quality of the content generated. 

The content produced by AI might not possess the right kind of emotions. The human editors can make the necessary changes to make it look like an authentic piece. The process of editing bridges the gap between the efficiency of AI and human writing.

AI vs Human Writer


To conclude, AI vs Human Writer is a never-ending debate and one cannot completely replace the other, rather harness the strengths of both. AI has benefits like quick results, being full of ideas, 24-hour assistance, cost-effectiveness, etc. The benefits of human writers are understanding emotions, originality, creativity, and storytelling. 

Frequently asked questions

Is AI writing better than human writing?

Both AI and human have their own importance which can be collaborated to produce perfect content. Hence, we cannot say that AI writing is better than human writing.

What is the difference between human writer and AI writer?

The differences between human writers and AI writers have been described above in the form of pros and cons. 

Will AI replace human writers?

No, AI cannot replace human writers rather AI must collaborate in human writing.

Which is the best AI article writer?

There are several free AI article writers, you can click the link for more information. 

Is AI more creative than humans?

No, AI is not more creative than humans because whatever ideas are given by AI are based on training by the programmers. 

Who is the father of artificial intelligence?

John McCarthy is the father of artificial intelligence.

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