Why ChatGPT Is Harmful?
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Why ChatGPT Is Harmful?

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In an age of rapid technological growth, artificial intelligence has emerged as a potent tool capable of reshaping numerous aspects of our existence. Chatbots and conversational agents, such as ChatGPT, have attracted attention in the field of AI applications due to their ability to engage in human-like interactions. While AI-powered chatbots have significant potential for increasing communication and efficiency, it is critical to acknowledge and tackle the potential negative implications they may have on society. In this article, I will discuss Why ChatGPT Is Harmful?

Why ChatGPT Is Harmful

In my previous articles, I have discussed how chatGPT is useful in various sectors like business education job, etc. In short, chatGPT was found to be extremely helpful for millions of us. However, one should not ignore the other side of the aspect which is why chatGPT is harmful. In this article, I will provide some of the reasons stating chatGPT is harmful.

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What is the danger of chatGPT?

According to The Atlantic article, chatGPT should be treated as a toy and not a tool. ChatGPT is an impressive tool from a technical standpoint, but having a conversation with a machine to generate responses can result in serious issues. 

ChatGPT does not have the ability to accurately understand the difficulty of the human language as well as conversation. The program is trained by the programmers to produce the results on the basis of an input given. However, it does not possess the ability to understand the meaning of the words. In short, the results produced can be lacking in inside and depth.


In addition to this, chatGPT can result in ethical concerns during the conversation. If people will start to trust the machine to have conversations then they can experience the loss of genuine human connection. None of the humans can exist in isolation. The ability to connect with others helps in our overall development psychologically and physically.

Moreover, using shortcuts will prevent humans from trying hard or putting in extra effort to get the necessary knowledge. Consider an example of a fifth-grade student who is tasked with writing an essay or letter. The student instructed chatGPT to prepare the same for his homework. The process continued as he didn’t get caught by any of his teachers till he reached 10th grade or college. During an interview, he was instructed by an interviewer to write a letter to the client for approval of a certain task. Now, this is where he got caught because he didn’t make an effort to do any research of his own to write down the necessary content in a letter. At such an age it would be difficult for the student to cope with the shortcomings of what he didn’t stress about during his school days.


Another serious danger of chatGPT is that anyone can ask the program to create a computer code that can be used to spy on user activities and steal confidential information. In short, chatGPT can be used to create viruses to in fact the systems. 

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What are the drawbacks of chatGPT?

ChatGPT has several drawbacks which are listed as follows:

1. It can provide misinformed and inaccurate answers because of training through trial and error methods. Some of the conversations can result in confusion and frustration for the users.

2. ChatGPT cannot handle complicated queries. It is only trained to have a basic conversation like answering some frequently asked questions. This means users cannot get detailed assistance due to complicated questions.

3. You will not get answers to the questions that are based on current events as the training of the program has been done with the information till 2021.

Through a thorough examination of the risks linked to ChatGPT in article Why ChatGPT Is Harmful, our aim is to nurture a well-rounded comprehension of this technology and stimulate a reflective discourse on strategies to alleviate these potential pitfalls. Striking a precise equilibrium between the merits and demerits of AI-driven chatbots is paramount, ensuring their positive contribution to society while curtailing any adverse repercussions.

Frequently asked questions

What are the risks of using chatGPT?

A few of the risks of using chatGPT are
1. Data theft
2. Botnets
3. Malware
4. Phishing emails

Is chatGPT a threat?

ChatGPT can be a threat to users and technology. I have prepared a detailed article on how chatGPT can be a threat to Google. Check the link.

What are the limitations of chatGPT?

1. Outdated information
2. Calculation mistakes
3. Biases and falsehoods
4. Correct referencing

What are some of the dangers of chatGPT?

Can write software and malware
It is racist
It can revolutionize the workplace
It cannot please everyone on sensitive concerns. 
It is convincing even when it is wrong. For more information, read the article.

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