Is ChatGPT A Disruptive Technology?
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Is ChatGPT A Disruptive Technology?

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In today’s digital era, disruptive technologies are forging new paradigms, dismantling established norms, and revolutionizing our interactions with machines. ChatGPT has gained huge popularity in no time. Several things have been said and written about it but numerous questions remain unanswered. In this article, I will present a few of the aspects supporting chatGPT to be a disruptive technology. In this article, I will discuss Is ChatGPT a disruptive technology.

Is ChatGPT a disruptive technology

How disruptive is chatGPT?

ChatGPT is a disruptive technology because it utilizes machine learning algorithms as well as natural language processing to allow the users to have realistic and human-like conversations with the virtual technology. ChatGPT has the ability to change the way people interact with machines to get information.

The perfect advantage of chatGPT is the ability to understand and reply to critical and open-ended questions posted by users. In short, the users will have an experience of natural and free-flowing conversations with the virtual assistant instead of being limited to simple and predefined commands.

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ChatGPT can also learn and adapt from the responses received from the users. It has the ability to enhance performance as well as accuracy. ChatGPT can also provide relevant as well as personalized responses to queries.

ChatGPT provides smart responses to queries where it encourage the ethical thinking of the user. When chatGPT was asked to write about a violent story that represents pain, it straightaway mentioned that the system is not programmed to show any violent content. Moreover, it also gives the reason why you should stay away from such things. Probably, one of the reasons is that chatGPT is not able to access the internet or any external content based on which it can assist the user. 

Chat GPT model is designed and trained on a large amount of internet data. The objective is to forecast what is the next thing going to take place or the piece of programming code. ChatGPT is based on the self-supervised principle that assists AI learning on raw data instead of supervised approaches requiring human effort to label the data.


OpenAI has added component reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) oh that the model can follow human values and intent. The rating done by the users helps the developers to judge several model outputs, which were desired. 

However, one of the disadvantages is that chat GPT is indifferent to the factual truth and can hallucinate the results that don’t make sense due to toxicity and biases. For instance, if the user feedback constantly tells the model that output A is better than output B when both outputs are appropriate, the model will assume that output A should be shown as a response to the query in the future. 

The answer to the question is Yes, chatGPT is a disruptive technology.

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How do you identify if a technology is disruptive?

Technology is disruptive if it requires less human intervention and does the majority of the work based on the programming of the model. For example, in self-driving vehicles, you have to simply instruct the model about the destination. The vehicle will automatically be driven based on the assistance of sensors, cameras, and other software installed. 

What is the latest disruptive technology?

The latest disruptive technology includes artificial intelligence and machine learning, cyber security advances, automation and robotics, edge computing, and many more.

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Is Google a disruptive technology?

Yes, Google is a disruptive technology along with several other companies like Amazon, Meta (previously Facebook), etc.

Is ChatGPT a disruptive technology

Final words

ChatGPT has the ability to allow users to have natural and engaging interactions with the machine. This is a perfect example of machines being disruptive technology. ChatGPT can be used in almost every industry or segment like entertainment, education, customer service, etc. It can also represent a significant improvement in machine learning technology and natural language processing.

Frequently asked questions

Is Tesla a disruptive technology?

Yes, Tesla is a disruptive technology.

Is Netflix a disruptive technology?

Yes, Netflix is a disruptive technology.

What is an example of disruptive technology?

Some of the examples of disruptive technology are GPS, autonomous or self-driving vehicles, ride-sharing applications, e-commerce, and online news sites. 

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